Friday, 8 November 2013

Snake Skin Disease

I was having rashes on my back a week ago. At first i thought it was just a simple allergy and will recover soon. But the rashes makes me feel uncomfortable and itchy. I couldn't resist and keep scracthing. Then it got worst as i can see blood and my skin dried up.

After few days, the rashes spread through my ribs and near to my right breast. Then i got annoyed and took leave from my company and went to Lee Clinic. This is not the first time i went there for my skin problem. So once the doctor sees me, she knew why i am here.The first thing she asked me is 'How's your skin now? Isit getting any better?.

Then i showed her my arms which i got allergic previously. The skin didn't get any better while it looks dry and i can feel the itchiness most of the time. The doctor looks curious about my skin conditions. She then told me to lye down on the bed and check my skin again. She gently pressed on my rashes and realised the rashed disappear. So she told me that this rashes are not so common. It grows in my inner skin. At first she thought it was just an ezcema but i can see from her expression, it is not. Then she recommended me to get an injection on my butt so i agreed.

She gave me cream to apply and medicine to release the itchiness. I got home and informed my mom about my skin condition. My parents were worried and called the Master who knows how to cure the snake skin disease to check my skin. The master asked my parents to bring me to her last night at 7pm. So my dad brought me there. Once she saw my skin she shouted and told me that i was having snake skin disease 'again'. This was my second visit to cure this kinda disease.

The first time i got this disease near to my lips and nose. I thought it would stop once i got burned. But unfortunately, when the sifu asked me not to drink water after she cured my skin for 4 hours, i accidentally drank a sip of 100 plus once i got in my car. So maybe because of this, the disease is back again.

As usual, last night she used matches sticks, light the stick, and when the fire still there, she pushed the stick into the eggs. When she did that, you can hear a cracking sound, like piak...signifying that the 'eyes of the snake' have been burst. Once the 'snake is blinded', it is believe the pain will subside and then, the whole patch will soon dry up and cured.

The Chinese called this type of skin disease as 'Snake', as they believe this group of blister-like formation will move and attract each other to meet at a point. Many believe that once it meets, it means deadly or life threatening.

Believe it or not, its up to you !

Monday, 21 October 2013

My Dream Car - Kia Optima

I think i can say it's my dream comes true because i finally get the chance to bought an optima for myself this year.

This is the new facelift of Kia Optima 2014 but it is available in Brunei already.

Last weekend i went out with my parents for breakfast and after that i told them i feel like going Kia Showroom to have a look at cars. As my Kia Rio just sold out and i think i need to survey for cars too.

So we reached there and i told the salesman to give me a catalogue for Kia Optima. He told me that the old version already out of stock and there's a new coming Kia Optima.

This is how it looks like:-

I am seriously madly in love with this car. I expect the car will be very expensive but surprisingly it is not.

According to the salesman the pricing is as below:

- 2.0 ex (Auto) Standard $32,000 ($495 x 7 yrs)
- 2.4 ex (Auto) Mid Spec $35,800 ($553 x 7 yrs)
- 2.4 sx (Auto) High Spec $40,800 ($631 x 7 yrs)

All the above are included with $2,000 rebate.


Friday, 19 July 2013


This is how i feel today.

Not a very good friday to me. Sigh

Maybe because i really think too much and make things complicated sometimes.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Steamboat Night

Yeahoo, We had steamboat for dinner last night.

I was helping my mom to prepare all the food and arrange it nicely.

Most of the food are my favourite! :p


Ready to cook!!


High Tea in Manggis Hua Ho

My mom suggested to have steamboat for dinner tonight, so we went to Hua Ho Yayasan to buy some food. After that, we also went to Hua Ho Manggis as Stephen wanted to have ‘Tau Pok’ (Fried Toufu) for steamboat.

I was so thirsty after having Dim Sum and so we have a drink and ordered some kuih at the food center.

 * The many faces of Mr Stephen Chiam

 * My kuih and Cakoi

Breakfast in Phongmun Restaurant

So yesterday was Public Holiday 'First Day of Puasa'. So me and Stephen decided to bring my parents for breakfast together and we went to Phongmun Restaurant.

We woke up at 7.30am and i was kinda excited to eat Dim Sum as it is one of my favourite.

Afterall, we were really disappointed with the food here and honestly the food already lose standard. I would prefer to go Lucky Restaurant or even Food Zone for the DimSum instead.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

New spectacles

I bought myself a new spectacles again! And this is gonna be my 3rd glasses :p

My first spec degree is not accurate but I'm still using it all the while, then my second one was ordered from eBay and I did my lens here in Brunei. I didn't use it quite often because I think the spec is a bit too big and uncomfy for me. So I decided to get myself a new spec from Miri.

My new spec was bought from Parkson Miri. The price is quite reasonable which cost about RM500.